Who We Are

Renewable Concepts is a national leader in wind energy generation and service, bringing integrity, quality, safety and hard work to the forefront. We know that the relationships we develop internally with our team members—and externally with our clients—define our long-term success. That’s what we are most proud of. So, when duty requires the day to start earlier (or the night to run longer) than the usual 9 to 5, we don’t blink an eye. That’s because we believe any job worth doing is worth doing the right way. That’s just who we are.

Wind Turbine

Why Choose Us?

Renewable Concepts is a solution-focused company. Our strategic niche is in matching talent to task. Because we are flexible and easily scalable, we can adjust our recommendations to the specific needs of each client. Whether projects are large or small, every customer can count on us to provide top professionals from all disciplines within the industry.

What We Do

General Services

It’s important to keep wind turbines in peak operating condition. Our general services include scheduled inspections, cleanings and maintenance, following installation and continuing through end-of-warranty.

General Services

Large Corrective

Maintaining turbines, often under the most extreme conditions, requires strategic planning and expertise. Our on-call teams are highly skilled field specialists with solution-focused strategies.



Over time, damage to wind turbine composite components can impact its overall performance, which could result in high-dollar repairs. At Renewable Concepts, we emphasize the value of maintenance and prevention, providing the highest quality service and solutions to our customers.

Fluid Changes

Proper equipment lubrication helps protect system components, reduce costs and minimize unscheduled downtime. Part of your regular maintenance should always include fluid changes to help protect components from micro-pitting and system wear.

Uptower Gearing

Uptower Gearing

Your wind turbines operate under extreme conditions, making them vulnerable to specific types of damage. Keep gearboxes in top operating condition with regular inspection and maintenance.

Engineering, Manufacturing & Welding

Engineering, Manufacturing & Welding

At Renewable Concepts, a host of wind energy professionals come together to support you.

Shop Fabrication Welder

Shop Fabrication

At Renewable Concepts, our in-house fabrication shops employ a multitude of value-added processes including machining, welding, cutting, forming, and the creation of machines, parts, and structures from various raw materials.

How We Do It

At Renewable Concepts, we are proud to provide clients with experienced teams who have worked the full spectrum of energy projects—from initial development and planning to final turnover and project management services. We easily adapt to the constantly changing and evolving demands of the energy industry. Our teams provide round-the-clock service and can mobilize within 24 hours. All of our technicians are in-house, and we can supply all required PPE, tools and equipment for the job. What’s more, our employees are vested in—and take ownership of—every project we take on.

Journeys of a Traveling Wind Technician