It’s about thinking ahead while going above and beyond.

Constant exposure to Mother Nature (and, sometimes, to human nature) can take a toll on wind turbines. Over time, damage to wind turbine composite components can impact its overall performance, which could result in high-dollar repairs. At Renewable Concepts, we emphasize the value of maintenance and prevention, using integrity as our guidepost. Our team provides the highest quality service and solutions to our customers. We promise to exceed the performance of our competitors and surpass our clients’ expectations.

Available Services

  • Lightning Damages (Split Tips)
  • Tip Replacements
  • Bullet Holes
  • Transverse Cracks
  • Blade Weight Balancing
  • Lead Edge Erosion
  • Leading Tape Installation
  • Trailing Edge Cracks
  • Internal Web Cracks
  • LPS System Checks
  • Transport Damages
  • Blade Inspections


Integrity and taking pride in our service is what we stand on. Morning or night, we’re available to tackle even the most severe problems.


Our customizable platforms are dynamic tools that are flexible, versatile and efficient, when compared to using an expensive crane or truck-mounted aerial platform. With our platforms and skilled technicians, we can help reduce turbine downtime with a rapid response to repair damages quickly and efficiently.